It starts with your vision

Capturing your vision and message is our mission. Maybe you want to create a 3 minute promotional video or just capture some footage from your annual gala, expo, or networking event, we can help.

Your Story

Your story is unique and distinct to you.  You have shaped your history through experiences and education. Capturing your story through video takes special attention.  Through our process, we create your storyboard with care and diligence.

The Process

Lets start with a phone call or face to face meeting.  We can discuss what you are trying to capture within the video and share our years of experience to guide the process.  Our team will then take the next steps of coordinating site locations and if necessary, create a storyboard. The storyboard is followed in the shooting and editing process.  We have a full in-house studio and edit suite to finish the raw footage.

Final Edits and Approval

After the body of footage is shot and edited, final touches including animations, graphics and music drops are added.  We then review the latest version with you for final approval.

Free Consultation

Want to chat about an upcoming event? Or just ask a few questions about AVL? Please feel free to contact our team via email, office phone or cell phone. Allow us to help lighten the stress.