What is a Hybrid Meeting?

A hybrid meeting is a trade show, conference, unconference, seminar, workshop or other meeting that combines a “live” in-person event with a “virtual” attendee. What defines a virtual attendee? “Anyone who can view a presentation or presenter from wherever they are.”  High quality video and audio is crucial to a truly successful web stream.

What are the benefits of web streaming

Clients web stream for many reasons.  They may have a portion of their workforce outstate that can’t always make conferences, or they may have a virtual audience pay a small fee to see a keynote or educational speaker from around the world.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

Can we use wifi to stream?  Yes but, do you want consistent, uninterrupted streaming? Or are you ok with your attendees dropping off the web stream occasionally.   Do we want to use a dedicated internet connection?  Yes..review question 1.  Is there ROI if we web stream?  It all depends on your approach to the event.  Can content be web streamed? Yes, The content transmitted can include powerpoint slides, still images, and full videos.

Does offering web streaming affect my live registrations?

Many studies have been conducted over the past several years that indicate live registrations often go up at future events after a Live Web Stream.  More and more presenters are understanding the importance of a video presence on their social media sites as a huge part of their marketing.  Your group may look at this option as an excellent tool for continuing education or expanding their audience.

Where do we start?

Lets start with a phone call or face to face meeting.  We can share our years of experience with live web streaming events.  Our team will even do a site visit when possible and discuss how you can incorporate web streaming and gain the most return on investment.  Call or email us today.

Free Consultation

Want to chat about an upcoming event? Or just ask a few questions about AVL? Please feel free to contact our team via email, office phone or cell phone. Allow us to help lighten the stress.